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10W Wireless Clock Charger
  • 10W Wireless Clock Charger
  • 10W Wireless Clock Charger
10W Wireless Clock Charger

Model NO: LK-CWC258

This elegant charger features a built-in 12/24hr digital clock. The clear, easy-to-read LED numbers will display with minimal illumination that won't keep you up at night. There's a gentle underglow with a soothing "breathing" effect to indicate that it's charging. The weighted base features rubberized pads to ensure your phone stays in place.

Product Details


Wirelessly Charges Any QI Enabled Smartphone or Device

Smart IC Technology Prevents Overcharging

Digital LED Clock Display with 12/24 Hour Settings

Rubberized Pad for Non-Slip Surface

LED Underglow with Charging Indication Effect

Charging LED Indicators

Power Input: 5W, >5V/2A

Power Output: 5V/1A

Compact Design is Ideal for Desks, Nightstands, and More



10W Wireless Charge Clock

Wireless Charge Power 10W

Input Port: USB-C/Type-C

Keys are designed on the back, 3 keys Set/Up/Down

Can set 3 alarm clocks, when the alarm clock ring, press any key Or pat top location to turn off.

Has SNOOZE mode

LED brightness is divided into 4 grades,can be as night LED, also can be closed

(Need to match QC 2.0/QC 3.0 18W adapter)

Material: ABS+PC

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