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100W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger
  • 100W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger
  • 100W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger
100W Turbo 3-Port GaN Wall Charger

Model NO: LK-G100W-3

100W Turbo 3-Port GaN Charger consolidates multiple chargers into one, combining two USB-C ports and one USB-A ports in a sleek, palm-sized design. Ideal for in the office, at home or travelling.

Powered by the latest Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, delivers ultra-fast charging speeds in a smaller form factor design compared to traditional silicon-based chargers.

Built-in foldable wall plugs (no messy bulky power cables), supports worldwide universal 100-240V voltage and comes with US/UK/EU/AU pin converters so that it can be used in virtually any country.

Product Details


Two USB-C Port PD Power MAX

QC3.0 interface is suitable for Fast charging of all mobile devices

Higher efficiency with GaN tech

50% smaller than traditional 100W charger



lnput : AC 100-240V50-60Hz

PD-1 : 3.3-16V--5A,5V--3A。9V-一-3A。12V-3A,15V-=3A,2CV--5A(100w)

PD-2 :3.3-16V.….S5A,5V.--3A,9v--3A,12V ---3A,15V --- 3A,20V.--5A(100w)

QC: 5V-4.5A,4.5V一5A,3V一3A,12V—2.5A,20V—1.5A( 30w)

(PD-1)+( PD-2):65W+30W( 95w)

( PD-1 ) + ( QC): 65W+30w ( 95w)

( PD-2 )+ ( Qc) :65W+30w(95w)

( PD-1)+( PD-2 ) +( QC ) : 60W+18W+18w(96w )

Plug: KR/US/EU

Size: 63x63x 31mm

Colour : white /Black

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